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About Mark

Life can be hard. We face constant challenges from society, from our communities, and from the stories that got trapped within our mind. Something much greater is possible for you. Are you ready / willing to find out what that is? Are you ready to LOVE-LEAD-PLAY? Let me safely guide you to break through blocks, achieve remarkable results, and realize true success in every area of your life, with my essential holistic approach.

LOVE-LEAD-PLAY uses focused clarity and heightened awareness guided by the 3 key principles of The Power of AUTHENTICITY© and The Proactive Method©:

Compassion - Forgiveness
Courage - Vulnerability
Curiosity - Creativity
to help you invent strategies that are guided by your true core values, thus sustaining change. Growth happens when we reach outside our comfort zones and stretch. I will guide and support you as you find your unique strengths and uncover underserving habits. It’s time to embrace your truth and heal your emotional past as you grow your authenticity.

I provide a curious, creative, heart-centered and non-judgmental zone in order to truly uncover those truths inside. Focusing on internal changes fosters flow in your life that feeds your aspirations versus your goals. I find the individual truth and genius in all of my clients which when harnessed a.k.a. focused on creates optimal results in their lives. It all began with a foundation of genuine curiosity, strong listening skills, and a love of coaching. Through trials and tribulations, I chose to be audaciously authentic. This led me down many paths: Executive Director, Business Owner, Certified Mediator and Conflict Resolution Specialist, Master Practitioner - Energy Leadership Index, and internationally accredited Certified Professional Coach. In addition, that curiosity and love of learning led me to seek knowledge in:

  • Gut Health - Nutrition Science & Micronutrient Biohacking
  • Linguistics
  • Neuroscience
  • Psychology
  • Narrative Psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Humanistic Psychology
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Nature Therapy
  • Quantum Physics
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Spiritual Intelligence
  • Ancient Wisdom Philosophies

The summation of my travels created The Art and Science of Authenticity© transformative experiences. Using focused clarity, the essential wisdom of the mind-body-spirit, and other valuable tools, I guide people to elevate the way they think, speak, and live. Fully embracing what is possible.

My mission is social transformation through accumulative inner evolution. It is through programming that LOVE-LEAD-PLAY catalyzes and synergizes the advanced thinking and approaches that make this mission real. This vision fully crystallized in 2014 and thus LOVE-LEAD-PLAY was born and continues to flourish each year. It is my wish to connect with you, when you are ready / willing, to fully embrace what is possible.

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Mark Dockendorff